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Fenix Consultancy Intl. Ltd.
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Services: Securities Custody and Treasury Services

With over 15 years experience in Global Custody and Securities Network Management our consultants have worked in some of the largest Custodian Banks as well as leading brokers and Investment Managers. In addition to the established securities markets we have extensive Emerging Markets experience.


  • Agents
  • Systems
  • Processes


  • Fees
  • System Costs


  • Bring new agents online
  • Manage the transition to new systems

The bigger picture...

Complementary consultancy services are available to ensure that new relationships and systems are integrated into the existing framework safely with minimal disruption to clients.

Services provided include:

  • Agent Selection - Evaluation, negotiation of fee structure and implementation.
  • Due Diligence - Review service levels, pricing and risk.
  • RFPs - Tailored to the individual client's needs. One size does not fit all.
  • System Selection - Evaluation, selection and implementation.
  • Fee Negotiation - Benchmarking and negotiation of custody, clearing and transaction charges.

Complementary Services...

Fenix also has a wealth of experience in the broader field of securities operations that perfectly complements our custody services. We pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our operational review and Due Diligence processes. These exercises and the depth and wealth of our experience in managing Operations in Custodian Banks, Investment Banks and Investment Managers provide us with excellent views of Operational Risk and how it can be better managed.

In addition, we offer our support and assistance to local clearing agents and custodians to meet operational requirements stipulated by their clients. Typically, our consultants will work alongside the operations team offering support to line management and processing staff.

All of this adds up to a Custodian and Agent Management package that can not only enhance our client's product offering but also save money and help mitigate Operational Risk.

With a thorough understanding of the business comes a much better understanding of our client's needs...

As Custodian and Clearing services form an integral part of the end to end process lifecycle which underpins the quality of service our clients' end customers receive we view it not in isolation.

Furthermore, we also ensure that the service package that our clients use is not only in light of their current business state but takes into account future business aspirations. Scalability, elasticity of service and price coupled with speed to market are all central pillars to make up the most suitable service package.

This is another reason why at Fenix we offer a highly flexible pricing structure throughout the implementation of client assignments.